Nick with a painting he likes but did not paint.  2017

Nick with a painting he likes but did not paint.  2017


After some serious self-discovery, Nick happened upon something that had been there all along - a much-ignored part of him that went un-celebrated for quite a while. Trained since he was knee-high with a fantastic set of crayons, Illustration remains the most prized of his creative-communication-skills.

Perspective, medium, emotion; everything has been thrown at him and mastered (or practiced enough!). While the past few years of his career have been exclusively focused on fashion design, illustration has played a leading role in the process.

He now has worked as a commissioned illustrator for (su-per-star) musician's on-stage tour outfits. He's done album art, story work, logo design, and the ever-classic "draw me something to frame and put on my bedroom wall" pieces..

Now he spends his days soaking in all of the amazing LA sunsets with a pen and sketchpad at hand.




To contact:


phone: (508) 654-5870

Fashion instagram: @Pini

Illustration / Personal instagram: @wwaitwhatt 

Los Angeles, California 90033 2018

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