Allison Kirwan in the "Who Needs Trails" mini skirt from FW15 on her way to StyleWeek Swim! 



A couple of months ago I was sitting in my studio, lounging around trying to get something out on to paper. I had my radio on a mix that I was skipping through every now & then. A song came on that I'd never heard before, it was incredible, I got goosebumps. After a few minutes of listening I popped the artists name into Instagram & the artist's profile came up. I took a chance & messaged her, describing how inspiring her music was...

Fast forward to last week and she's standing on stage at the Hotel Cafe Hollywood in one of my pieces - an embellished silk tank made just for her.

It's an incredible feeling when you know there's artists out there in the same boat as you are, and they're there to support you. There are a lot of young artists in the world working hard to make their dreams a reality, and the greatest thing that we can do is lend each other the support and love we all need. 

Thank you, Lenachka, for wearing PINI!

check out her music at, iTunes & Spotify. 


  Photo Cred: @chef_boyr_mikey

 Photo Cred: @chef_boyr_mikey

Photo Cred: @chef_boyr_mikey

Photo Cred: @chef_boyr_mikey

Photo Cred: @stizzyho

Photo Cred: @stizzyho

  Photo Cred: @kaithorton

 Photo Cred: @kaithorton


A surprise to anyone attending StyleWeek Northeast on February 19th, PINI held a micro-installation with looks from the FW15 Line! Veteran PINI girl, Cassidy, along with newcomers Kate & Savannah displayed three show favorites at the Flaunt Boutique Accessory Showcase. Here are some images of the girls at SWNE!!

Step & Repear photos compliments of Mark Ouellet Photography



A huge thanks goes to Emily, VP of JAVA Skincare, for thinking  of us when it came to finding the perfect dress[es] to take with her to The 57th Grammy Awards Ceremony! 

Here are some images of Emily & one of her dresses, walking around in their natural habitat (Sun, Palm Trees & the Wollywood Walk Of Fame)!


As Mady & I found our way down to [a town that I never even knew existed] Pennsylvania, the sky turned gray and the air grew thin. This definitely set the tone for our project with a team from Global Management 101, and a School-skipping pair of witchy teens were brought to life in this Editorial Story for Raine Magazine. Here are some Behind The Scenes shots to tide you over until the images are released!

Pini's first post

Hi everyone!

In this blog, I will be giving you an inside look as to what happens in the PINI studio leading up to the runway show! I'll be able to answer questions and give sneak peeks as to what's in store! 

Yesterday, as soon as I got a text saying that a package was waiting at my door, I rushed home as quick as possible. I was recieving my first ever manufactured sample!! I opened the box as fast as I possibly could, this was like Christmas morning and my anxiety was about to be relieved!! As I opened the box, I'm sure it was written all over my face, I was thoroughly confused. Pulling what felt like a hula hoop out of the cardboard packaging, My anxiety began to come back and panic struck!!

After a bit of thinking to myself and some long, deep breathing, I realized - it's just a sample, this is supposed to happen. This process is completely new to me and I have to understand that 'Rome wasn't built in a day', and neither was a couture dress. So off I rushed to my studio to make notes and changes to the sample for the manufacturer to revise.

lesson learned!